Entrepreneurship is challenging to start and run, all the way. Challenges faced can be that of lack of funding, insufficient market knowledge, confusing labour laws, trouble hiring, taxation or business processes optimisation. We have over the last decade seen many people spring from villages, small towns and unlikely places become successful entrepreneurs and have also seen people do not well in the first attempt.
Founders, employees, members, associate experts now are convinced that now is the time to share that network and knowledge for the growth of budding entrepreneurs as well as seasoned ones.



The program is designed to address your concerns, help you learn, give your problems a solution, mentorship and the most important of all, keep you motivated. We will begin the chapter with a bang, holding an international Bootcamp on 30th of June. The bootcamp would have many one to one sessions where you can speak directly with an expert to sort out your problems, there will in-depth talk shows with world class experts, investment guides, pitches, workshops, webinar and a lot more. In addition to the Bootcamp would be full of action with conferences, talk shows, exhibitions, investment guidance, pitch opportunities, workshops, expert help and more. A detailed calendar would be available for each to include in personal schedule

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July 2020
Start Up
Idea To IPO
  • 8:00 PM (IST)
  • Monday


July 2020
Ask Us
  • 8:00 PM IST
  • Sunday

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